Core Values

Our Goal

The school is devoted to the study of historical systems of fighting current in central Europe before 1700. Historical weapons and equipment will be used as far as possible. We are re-creating an aspect of history, not developing a modern art. This means that, although we are not a re-enactment society as such, we are in fact re-enacting (or re-creating) a particular aspect of the historical past. This extends to recreating the experience, while fencing, of the clothing, footwear and armour of the period in question.


Our Values

Respect for the sources

We do not know better than our ancestors, and will not attempt to "improve" on their work.

Respect for fellow students and teachers:

  1. Punctuality participants are expected to attend sessions on time.
  2. Participation participants are expected to participate in warmups, drills, and discussions. There should be no private conversations unrelated to the exercise at hand.
  3. Courtesy participants will show proper courtesy toward teachers and fellow students, striving together to increase our knowledge of the art.
  4. Safety when training, you are responsible for the safety of your training partner, bearing in mind that we are using tools that are potentially deadly.