The following equipment is required to participate at various levels in the activities of the school. Certain pieces of equipment are required for candidates to be tested for certain ranks.

Minimal (required after first term)

  • School T-shirt

  • Leather gloves

  • Three weapon fencing mask

Minimal Historical

  • For longsword: Gambeson (14th/15th century central European style)

  • For sabre: Zupan

  • Leather turnshoes/boots of the appropriate period

  • Blunt steel sword/sabre

Protective (for longsword only)

As above, plus:

  • Steel sallet with eye protection

  • Bevor

  • Steel plate gauntlets

Protective Historical

  • Full protective gear as above, plus accurately styled shirt and hose


For public display, participants must wear accurate historical clothing of the period depicted, including accurate footwear. When school training practice is being demonstrated, Minimal (school uniform) equipment may be worn instead.